Workforce Innovation and Learning

Public and private investment is critical to ensure that workers and businesses have the supports they need to thrive in a fast-changing economy. The Workforce Innovation and Learning team at AIR helps government, philanthropic, and non-profit decisionmakers create the most impact with their investments by testing and scaling evidence-driven innovation in workforce policies and programs.

We do so by blending AIR’s research and technical assistance expertise within four major areas of work:

Coworkers on a project

(Re)Design for Equity

We use behavioral science and human-centered design to make workforce programs more equitable, accessible, and effective.

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Evidence-to-Action (E2A)

We develop easy-to-use tools and facilitate E2A pilots that highlight policies and practices that work. See how we are making evidence more accessible and actionable. 

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Rigorous Evaluation to Generate Evidence

We conduct rigorous, mixed methods studies for diverse contexts and present them in simple formats that are usable and focused on improving systems and participants’ experiences.

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Emergent Strategies and Cross-System Partnerships

We convene workforce partners to leverage new technologies and forge integrated service strategies that make workforce programs nimbler and more efficient.

Image of Samia Amin
Managing Director
Image of Trent Sharp
Principal TA Consultant