Research & Evaluation

Rigorous research and evaluation at the American Institutes for Research® (AIR) shapes effective ideas, programs, and policies to enhance people’s lives:

  • AIR uses state-of-the-art research design, analysis, and reporting methodologies, including rapid-cycle, randomized controlled trials for studies that seek to identify the impact of a program or policy.
  • AIR develops and administers small- and large-scale surveys for federal and state governments, private firms, and nonprofit organizations, collecting valuable information to inform programs and policy on topics from early childhood education, special education, and school climate through adult learning, health, and aging.
  • AIR uses innovative data analytic tools and techniques together with rigorous statistical and social science methodologies to support evidence-based decision-making; solve important research questions; and build capacity to improve interventions, processes, and outcomes.
  • AIR’s evaluation research yields important lessons for policymakers and practitioners. Our implementation research measures how well programs are implemented, what obstacles exist, and how to remove these obstacles.
Julie Kochanek
Senior Vice President, Human Services
Image of David Seidenfeld
Senior Vice President, International Development