Vision, Culture, and Values

Our Vision

The American Institutes for Research® (AIR) has a vision to be the premier research, evaluation, and technical assistance organization, guided by principles of ethical decision-making, collaboration, inclusion, and innovation. 

We will:

  • Inform improvements to education, health, workforce development, and related areas;
  • Collaborate with organizations, policymakers, and practitioners to adopt evidence-based practices;
  • Partner globally and locally with other organizations and communities; and
  • Integrate our expertise in substantive and policy arenas, research and evaluation, and the implementation of evidence-based practices and interventions.

Our Culture: Social and Behavioral Science that Changes the World

AIR places a strong emphasis on creating a collegial atmosphere that encourages staff to be creative and supportive of each other. We believe that intellectual diversity and respect for the contributions of each individual are central to our success.

We are a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization where many of the brightest people in their fields come together to provide evidence-based solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our staff care about the work they perform, they care about the colleagues they work with, and they care about the clients they serve.

AIR’s mission is to generate and use rigorous evidence that contributes to a better, more equitable world. That ideal is the driving force that motivates our staff.

Our Values

In striving to achieve our mission, we place high value on:

  • Providing client-oriented services characterized by personal, professional, and organizational integrity.
  • Producing quality work products anchored in science.
  • Creating a nurturing environment responsive to individual needs for growth and professional development.
  • Maintaining a spirit of openness, constructive communication, collegiality, and teamwork in all our work.
  • Striking an appropriate balance between the demands of work and the private lives of our staff.
  • Diversity of ideas, opinions, backgrounds, life styles, and experiences of our staff.
  • Individual initiative and entrepreneurship on the part of our staff.
  • Making a better world while enjoying work.