Spotlight on Medicaid

Doctor and smiling child patient

At any given moment, between 60 million and 80 million Americans count on Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for health coverage. As the back-bone of the nation’s health care safety net for lower-income people and families, Medicaid and CHIP face myriad challenges in providing access to high-quality affordable care.

Our Work

AIR helps clients translate policy into practice and improve the reach and effectiveness of Medicaid and CHIP. Over the past decade, AIR has conducted a variety of research, evaluation, and implementation projects for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), states and nonprofit organizations. We offer substantive knowledge and technical expertise in policy analysis, data collection methodologies, program evaluation, and program operations.

Our subject matter expertise includes behavioral health and substance use disorders, prescription drugs, value-based payment models, quality and performance measure development, Medicare and Medicaid integration, program integrity, and social drivers of health. Recent projects include AIR’s evaluation of Washington D.C.’s Medicaid 1115 Behavioral Health Transformation Demonstration, supporting the CMS Center for Medicaid and CHIP in improving and making better use of existing Medicaid and CHIP data, and researching the care integration challenges of individuals who receive both Medicare and Medicaid benefits, often referred to as dual-eligibles.