Client Services in Disability and Rehabilitation

People with disabilities who receive high-quality education and health care are better positioned to enter the workforce and participate in their communities. They are prepared to benefit not only themselves, but their families, employers, and communities. AIR’s diverse portfolio of work on disability issues provides both expertise and resources to help people with disabilities pursue employment opportunities and access evidence-based health care. Our policy recommendations support people with a wide range of disabilities by helping them live more independently and more connected to their communities. 

This commitment is reflected internally at AIR as well. In both 2023 and 2022, AIR was recognized as one of the “Best Places to Work for People with Disabilities” by the Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities. 

AIR’s diverse portfolio of work on disability issues provides both expertise and resources to help people with disabilities pursue employment opportunities and gain economic security. The following are examples of AIR’s contributions to generating evidence in support of more equitable opportunities for people with disabilities.

Career Pathways. Support for developing and evaluating outcomes for dual enrollment programs, as well as mapping industry opportunities to career pathways.

Training and Technical Assistance. AIR provides deep subject matter expertise on a variety of topics: self-determination, comprehensive transition, financial wellness, work-based learning, apprenticeship, business engagement, dual enrollment, credential development, re-entry, and positive behavioral supports. 

Policy Analysis. Our staff are well-versed in the policies and systems that intersect in the lives of youth and young adults with disabilities. We specialize in conducting problem analyses about root cause barriers of competitive employment. We then use what we learn to develop responsive programs and procedural solutions that optimize the aims of public policies. 

Partner Relations. Improving services for youth with disabilities requires intra-agency collaboration and alignment. We help establish collaborative relationships across a wide spectrum of partners and organizations. Our facilitation skills enable all voices to be heard equitably to cultivate and sustain mutually beneficial relationships. 

Needs Assessment. We apply machine learning and predictive analytics—as appropriate to open-source information—to inform targeted improvements and help set the stage for innovation, including for underserved communities. Our data scientists offer a variety of cutting-edge techniques to support data-informed decision-making. Our team also uses qualitative methods, such as interviews and focus groups, to obtain a deeper understanding of nuanced needs and preferences.

Model Development. Our team has strong implementation experience at every level of program development, from individual youth to system administrators at the highest levels. We can assist by mapping workflows, program components, desired outcomes, business plans, curriculum and toolkits, and feasibility analyses to help inform agency recruitment and program implementation processes. 

Research and Program Evaluation. Explore and understand challenges that interfere with optimal service delivery by conducting customized evaluations based on your needs, goals, and budget to support practice and improve service delivery. 

Knowledge Translation. AIR offers deep expertise in the entire spectrum of activities related to knowledge translation, from research synthesis to strategies to promote research uptake, especially in the disability field.

AIR generates knowledge and resources that help people with disabilities find and sustain employment and live independently. We also conduct research, provide technical assistance, and recommend policies to support greater access for people with disabilities that lead to independent living and community inclusion. This work includes the intersection of disability special educationpatient-centered health carecollege and career readiness for youth with disabilities, criminal justice, and refugee and migrant initiatives.