Full-Service Community Schools Grant Evaluation for the Lewis University Community Schools Consortium (LUCSC)

Teens in a huddle

Through Full-Service Community Schools (FSCS), students, their families, and the local community can receive academic, social, and health services, which can contribute to better educational outcomes for students. In 2023, the Lewis University Community School Consortium received a Full-Service Community Schools Program grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Through this grant, Lewis University will partner with school districts and 20 community partner agencies to provide holistic wraparound services to students and families in Brooks Middle School, Bolingbrook High School, and Fairmont School. 

AIR’s Implementation Evaluation and Impact Analysis

AIR is conducting an evaluation of the implementation and an impact analysis of how attending an FSCS school contributes to student's social and emotional growth and positive academic outcomes. Building from the AIR team’s extensive knowledge of community schooling, the evaluation plan enables a comprehensive assessment of how Brooks Middle School, Bolingbrook High School, and Fairmont School implement FSCS activities and services and how the initiative’s assistance from Lewis University and their parent agencies supports the overarching structures of shared decisionmaking.  

The implementation evaluation assesses the degree to which the FSCS model is being implemented, identifies areas of needed improvement and promising practices, and provides stakeholders with a deeper understanding of how the critical interventions supported by the FSCS initiative are being implemented. 

Through the impact study, AIR assesses how youth grow and develop over time as they participate in FSCS programs and services, compared with students attending schools that lack access to this unique set of supports.