Monitoring and Evaluation, and Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting

AIR’s robust Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) and Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) practice works with funders, partners, and other key stakeholders to design, facilitate, manage, and build capacities in leading and conducting M&E and CLA activities. Our efforts focus on providing fit-for-purpose, locally led, collaborative, and utilization-focused M&E and CLA services.

We work with organizations around the world to support and strengthen their capacities to conduct more intentional, contextualized, and useful designs and data gathering approaches. AIR co-creates designs and leads rigorous and contextualized research, assessments, evaluations, and studies. In addition, we build capacities in applying participatory analysis and synthesis techniques aimed to conduct reflective discussions with key stakeholders, including lessons learned.

Our experts:

  • Facilitate tailored organizational learning, portfolio and project designs, and early piloting and adjustments;
  • Produce and support use of interactive layered maps, dashboards, and conceptual and computational predictive modelling to support on-time decisionmaking in rapidly changing contexts, through our innovative Technology Solutions group;
  • Use state-of-the art interactive technologies for remote and hybrid co-creation workshops; and
  • Ensure adaptive management support throughout program cycles.

Our Work

AIR’s M&E and CLA services cut across program areas, from agriculture to education, climate mitigation and adaptation, food security, and social protection. We have an expansive and diverse staff worldwide to support clients and partners where they are. This also ensures that M&E activities go beyond reporting and dissemination to focus on intentional learning for improved collaborations and for evidence-informed decisionmaking—ultimately improving design, implementation, and results.

Jonathan Simonetta
Vice President, International Development