Housing and Homelessness

Homelessness in America cuts across age, gender, and place. Approximately 578,000 individuals were homeless on a single night in January of 2014; nearly 50,000 veterans are homeless; and 2.5 million children and their families are homeless each year, according to a 2014 AIR report. Common contributors to homelessness include poverty, lack of affordable housing and employment opportunities, domestic violence, and health and mental health issues, including the effects of trauma.

Our Work

AIR’s National Center on Family Homelessness leads the field in addressing these factors. We bring our expertise in research and evaluation, training and technical assistance, systems integration, and trauma-informed care to find solutions to improve peoples’ lives and end homelessness. On behalf of federal clients such as the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Education, and Justice, AIR assists communities to use data-driven strategies, cross-system collaboration, and mobile technology to respond to the many factors placing people at risk.

Barbara Broman
Managing Director