Health Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Advances in computing power mean researchers can harness much larger and more complex data sources—so-called big data—to answer questions about healthcare costs, quality, and access. Along with traditional claims and survey data, real-world health data now include information from electronic health records, patient-reported outcomes, information from remote patient monitoring devices, and measures of social determinants of health. Turning data into actionable information, however, requires a user-centered business intelligence framework to identify, collect, organize, store, access, and analyze ever-growing sources of health data.

Our Work

AIR delivers the power of discovery and actionable information with relevant solutions rooted in a team of subject matter experts, economists, social scientists, clinicians, data scientists, developers, and communication and data visualization professionals. Together, we gather client needs and requirements, develop and implement a data pipeline and storage strategy, create meaningful outcome measures, and design an intuitive user interface to deliver actionable information. Our team follows an iterative and adaptable approach to provide clients with end-to-end business intelligence solutions that leverage health data to explore, see patterns, and find relationships that can lead to new insights using effective data visualization, reports, and interactive web-based dashboards.

AIR can support client’s business intelligence needs with commercial off-the-shelf, enterprise, or custom solutions, including providing training and creating manuals. Our expertise in business intelligence platforms includes:

  • Tableau
  • SalesForce
  • PowerBI
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Custom JavaScript Solutions, such as D3, Leaflet
  • Data warehousing
  • API solutions
Abby Woodroffe
Principal Researcher
Kennan Murray
Principal Researcher