Standards and Assessments

Graphic: AIR Social Studies Standards Ecosystem

AIR recognizes the vital role of high-quality standards in developing assessment, evaluation, and accountability systems. A standards-based education system ensures all students are prepared for college, careers, and military service. High-quality standards and assessments are the foundation of a strong education system and inform cohesive policy decisions that support equitable teaching and learning outcomes for all students.

We work with states and districts to apply evidence-based strategies to design and develop policies and practices to create education systems centered on high-quality standards for all students. Our experts use evidence-informed technical assistance practices to support states, districts, and schools. Our researchers use rigorous methods to study the impact of standards-based education systems.

AIR’s Standards and Assessments ecosystem provides a cohesive and comprehensive structure to guide the development of standards-based systems.

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Our Work

AIR’s approach to Standards and Assessments provides a cohesive and comprehensive structure to guide the development of standards-based systems. Each aspect of the approach supports federal, state, and district use of standards and assessments to create and implement coherent policies and practices centered on a standards-based education system.

Using evidence-informed technical assistance practices, we work in partnership with federal, state, and local clients to support their efforts in improving learning outcomes for students across all grade and content areas. We tailor our approach to respond to federal, state, district, and local needs and remain attentive to both policy and political contexts. AIR’s experts also provide technical and analytical support for U.S. participation in international assessments such as TIMSS, PISA, and PIRLS. Our research and evaluation teams study critical questions needed to better understand how to create standards-based education systems.


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