Larry V. Hedges

AIR Scholar

Larry V. Hedges is an AIR Scholar, as well as Board of Trustees Professor of Statistics, Education and Social Policy, and Psychology and co-director of the Center for Statistics in Education and Public Policy (STEPP) Center at Northwestern University. His appointments include serving as chair of the Board of Directors of the national board for Education Sciences and as president of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness. His honors include the 2018 Yidan Prize for Education Research and the 2023 José Vasconcelos World Award for Education from the World Culture Council. Dr. Hedges is also a prolific writer, having written more than 200 publications, including more than a dozen books.

While maintaining his appointment and duties at Northwestern University, Dr. Hedges will be working with AIR on several topics involving statistical and research methods. He is best known for developing statistical methods for meta-analysis, the backbone of much evidence-based social science research. His broad interests span the costs of systematic reviews, differences between boys and girls in mental test scores, the black/white gap in achievement test scores, and frameworks for international comparative education studies. He is also an expert on education measurement and the design and analysis of rigorous experiments.

Larry Hedges

Ph.D., Mathematical Methods in Educational Research and M.A., Statistics, Stanford University; B.A., Mathematics, University of California, San Diego