The PROMISE Center: Promoting Resilience, Opportunity, and Mobility in Support of Equity

PROMISE is committed to creating solutions that provide equitable pathways to a thriving workforce for all individuals and mitigating the harmful effects of segregation by race, place, and class.
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PROMISE is focused on identifying the most promising workforce training practices in current research, expanding the scale of effective sectoral programs, and partnering with community colleges and other workforce development organizations to further strengthen, study, and scale effective workforce training practices to reach broader, more diverse communities. We also seek to understand the specific challenges that certain communities face, identify promising practices that can promote their success, and grow the evidence on their effectiveness.

PROMISE is committed to sharing knowledge about new interventions and implementation strategies with the field and promote policies and practices that best support the integration of all individuals into a vibrant and growing workforce.

Our Focus Areas

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Learning from the Evidence

We are investigating the most effective practices and policies for increasing long term employment and earnings for workers and how these practices can be scaled to reach more underserved communities.

Learn more about our landscape and meta-analysis.

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Strengthening Community College Workforce Training

We aim to understand what makes effective programs work, so that those insights can be applied more broadly among community colleges nationwide.

Learn more about our workforce training programs in community colleges.

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Expanding the Scale and Reach of Effective Sectoral Training

We seek to partner with the best-in-class programs to further bolster their effectiveness and broaden their reach to underserved populations.

Learn more about effective sectoral training programs.

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Supporting Underserved Populations

We are dedicated to learning what works to help integrate underserved populations into a vital workforce ecosystem.

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Our Goals

  • Help build a more equitable workforce development ecosystem by adapting, growing, and scaling effective workforce training practices to reach more people isolated from education and job opportunities.
  • Learn from, and build partnerships with, isolated communities and the organizations that serve them and develop on-ramps to effective workforce training programs for all individuals.
  • Grow the knowledge and evidence base on strategies to reach underserved communities and support all individuals as they enter and succeed in effective workforce training programs and the labor market.
  • Engage with policymakers, researchers, funders, and community members to learn from underserved communities and promote policies and practices that best support all individuals’ integration into a vibrant and growing workforce.